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$7.1 billion of damage, latest Hurricane Ian reports show

$7.1 billion of damage, latest Hurricane Ian reports show

Insurance claim figures show that Hurricane Ian has caused more than 7 billion dollars worth of damage and counting. The latest report from the Office of Insurance Regulation estimated $7,132,230,606 in insured losses from the storm.

As high as this figure is, the number is expected to climb even further as Florida residents return to residential and commercial properties and continue to assess the extent of damage from the storm. Previously, insured losses were estimated to be $6,886,280,085. That number has continued to rise.

These estimated losses come from over half a million insurance claims. Recent data shows that 576,490 claims were filed, an increase from the previous count of 569,209.

Claim information paints a picture of the most hard-hit regions of the state. The majority of the claims — more than a third — were filed in Lee County. 207,512 claims so far. Charlotte County filed the second highest number with 88,478 claims. Collier County filed the third highest with 33,834 claims. While Volusia County and Orange County followed with 30,707 claims and 20, 371 claims respectively.

Of the more than half a million claims filled, over 400,000 claims were made for residential properties. The remaining claims consist of commercial property, automobile damage, and more.