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Roof damage more likely as as Tropical Storm Nicole grows stronger

Roof damage more likely as as Tropical Storm Nicole grows stronger

Recently ravaged by Hurricane Ian, Florida is not out of the woods yet. As residents recover from the storm’s devastation and undergo roof repair and other rebuilding efforts, a new threat has emerged.

Tropical storm Nicole is on track to become a full-fledged hurricane by the time it reaches the Florida coast. The storm achieved official tropical storm status Tuesday morning and has been continuing to gain strength as it moves across the Caribbean.

According to meteorologists, Nicole is anticipated to strengthen on its way to Florida. While experts anticipate it will make landfall by late Wednesday or early Thursday, central Florida will begin to feel the impacts of the storm as early as Wednesday.

Recent reports have indicated that the storm was 395 miles east of West Palm Beach with winds up to 65 miles per hour. The latest computer models have shifted the storm’s path north with greater impacts to Central Florida.

Hurricane warnings have been issued for Brevard and Volusia counties, Flagler is under hurricane watch, and tropical storm warnings are in effect for Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.

Expected impacts include coastal flooding and beach erosion. Even inland regions are expected to experience strong winds and rain. Central and eastern areas may experience flooding beginning Wednesday.

Residents should ready their emergency preparedness and hurricane safety plans as Nicole draws nearer. Local roofing company, Nakoma, is also preparing for the storm and is committed to helping residents rebuild with professional roof repair and contracting services.