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Florida residents warned to choose licensed roof contractors to avoid fraud

Florida residents warned to choose licensed roof contractors to avoid fraud

With Floridians still reeling from Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole, it’s more important than ever for residents to be informed on how to recognize and avoid contractor fraud.

Following hurricane damage, illegitimate contractors can prey on unsuspecting homeowners desperate for repair, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Before beginning any restoration projects, homeowners should first contact their insurance companies to file a claim. Your insurance provider can confirm that your policy covers the needed repairs. Only then, should you sign a contract with a reputable, licensed, and insured contractor.

Experts advise that it is crucial to work with a contractor who has a valid Florida license. To vet your prospective contractor, visit Nakoma is fully licensed in the state of Florida so you can be sure you’re getting professional quality roof repair or roof replacement on your home.

After you select a licensed contractor to repair your roof, make sure you secure a written contract that outlines all of the work the contractor will perform and prices for materials and labor. Avoid signing anything with blank spaces that could possibly be altered later.

While it is customary for many contractors to require a downpayment to begin the work, it is unwise to pay the full cost upfront. This mistake could leave you vulnerable to poor quality or incomplete repairs.

It can be a very emotional experience when you suffer damage and losses to your roof and home. Nakoma is the licensed contractor you can trust to help you repair or replace your roof as quickly and seamlessly as possible.