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Construction labor shortage impacts projects nationally

Construction labor shortage impacts projects nationally

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage of over half a million workers. Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) recently released findings that the industry is understaffed by 546,000 workers based on the demand for labor in 2023. 

While the industry is robust in terms of desire and quantity for construction projects, there are not enough workers to do the actual building. According to Ed Brady, chief executive of the Home Builders Institute which supports contractor training, “We’re putting millions and millions of dollars into infrastructure without anybody to install it… A shovel-ready project with nobody to operate the shovel is worthless.” 

Also weighing in on this issue, Michael Bellman, CEO and President of ABC stated that “The construction industry must recruit hundreds of thousands of qualified, skilled construction professionals each year to build the places where we live, work, play, worship, learn and heal.” He went on to say, “as the demand for construction services remains high, filling these roles with skilled craft professionals is vital to America’s economy and infrastructure rebuilding initiatives.”

In light of a tight labor market, you need to be sure that you’re working with a firm that has the manpower to see your project through. Fortunately, Nakoma Roofing & Construction has the expert licensed contractors you need to conceive — and complete — your construction projects. We have multiple offices serving the entire state of Florida. In fact, we just opened our newest location last month. 

Although the news of a national shortage may be alarming, rest assured that Nakoma Roofing & Construction is still your go-to contractor. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy fast turnarounds, fifteen plus years of experience, and a satisfaction guarantee.