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3 steps to take when your roof is leaking

3 steps to take when your roof is leaking

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare—a leak in your roof. How do you fix it? How do you help prevent it from getting worse? Nakoma has some helpful tips on immediate steps you can take.

If your roof is leaking, you’ll want to act quickly to limit the damage. Move furniture and other items out of the way. Contain the water with buckets, garbage cans, towels, and anything else that can reduce the spread of water through your home.  

A sagging bulge in your ceiling can indicate water collecting in that spot. Though this may seem counterintuitive, many experts recommend puncturing the ceiling with a tool like a screwdriver to relieve the water pressure and prevent even more extensive damage. When attempting this method, be sure to have a container like a bucket handy to catch the water that is released.Some homeowners go a step further and place a tarp on the roof to limit additional water from entering, but this option comes with risks as it requires climbing onto your roof. 

If the leak stems from a weather related cause—it’s likely that your homeowner’s insurance policy may assist with roof repair or replacement. Take photographs to document the damage and contact your insurance provider as soon as you can.

Nakoma has many years of experience working with insurance companies and is ready to help you navigate that process as needed. We are also well-versed in handling roof repair and replacement that is not covered by insurance. With multiple offices in the state of Florida, we are equipped to handle any roof project you need to restore your property. Leaky roof? Let’s get that taken care of.